Temporary Theater  #3

Neukölln, Karl-Marx-Straße, Berlin 2022

Licia Zhenru Liang’s present work “άσυλον”/“asylum”, could be readily seen as the natural continuation of her research about the “borderline” role of the human constructions–both material and mentals. Whereas in the previous work of Teatro Temporaneo was projected the dialectic relation and contrast between the natural and the urban, the metaphysical and the empirical, the casual and the aritfact, in the Asylum installation the artist investigates the controversy of the walls, as a construction that both protects and excludes, equally. Άσυλον, as the Greek word indicates is the sanctuary set in every city for the exiles, the suppliants, the expatriates, the homeless and the persecuted to seek refuge, to plead their innocence or get protection. Nonetheless, the meaning of the word nowadays has lost the holy and respected significance –like Nature if compared with the Ancient times–it was invested before and its humane and righteous value is gradually reduced.

Giorgio Davos