Temporary Theater #4

History Museum of Girona 2022

Temporary Theater #4

— Eternal circulation and the dynamic contemporary

Fire is a form of cosmic energy according to the law of conservation of energy, fire does not make burning matter disappear, but only changes its way of existence. The eruption and extinction of volcanoes, destruction and rebirth, life and death, the various elements gather, disperse and rebuild. According to the interpretation of the Chinese theory of the Five Elements, fire begets earth, earth begets metal, metal begets water, water begets wood, and wood begets fire, and all creation is reborn, over and over, to infinity.

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus says “This universal order is ever-living fire, which is kindled and extinguished according to the right measure.” that’s mean the principle is fire, its permanent, universal, dynamic and ordinal. Fire is not only the principle, it is also governed by certain factors. What living fire symbolizes is eternal movement and change, the only constant is change.

The Chinese sages also had their own understanding of the law of the formation and functioning of the universe. That is, the Tao contains two Qi, Yin and Yang, the two Qi meet and transform into the five elements, in which all created things arise.

In the first installation the two materials that have experienced fire, lava stone and brick are present, he would like to relate the purely natural material that is used in the ancient system of construction and the modern artificial material of building in architecture. Also to represent the process of the development of society through favourable conditions, the fertility that is given by nature and, as a clear example, the circumstance of the volcanic earth.

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