Temporary Theater #7

Lago Albano 2023

“Temporary Theater” in the Mouth of the Volcano

The artistic endeavor “Temporary Theater” involves a series of installations made of bricks in various settings. It took place near Lake Albano and Lake Nemi, which are the only ones that survived the volcanic activity through the encounter of magma masses and aquifers. The two craters of Albano and Nemi are the most recent volcanic structures in a long and ancient series.

The ephemeral construction in Lake Albano starts from the shore, extending into the water. It forms a “bridge” connecting with the eternity of the volcano, symbolizing the harmonious meeting of fire and water, embracing each other over time, and the creation of nature.

The line of stones at the entrance of the emissary of Lake Nemi, which was used to regulate the water level, signifies a lost time, but fertility persists and is expressed in a large fig tree. Its shade makes the entrance partially hidden. It guides the transition from day to night, a passage from the dimension of light to shadow.

We exist in a world where there is no indexical certainty, much like the elements of water and fire, which are always in constant flux.

As in the poetry of the great Chinese poet Li Bai (Feasting in the Peach-plum Garden in Spring Night):

“The world is an inn for all creatures, and time is a traveler passing through infinite generations.”

(Feasting in the Peach-plum Garden in Spring Night By Li Bai)

Lago di Nemi