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The research presents as a space of temporary relation, I intend sculpture as an open work that constitutes a meeting place. Using the primary form as modular to build the ephemeral installations or constructions as anti-monuments, bring us back to our most intimate and delicate human dimension.

In this case, living is no longer as living in a house, but a space that wants to deeply maintain the symbolic sense of living; where a thought or a feeling dwells.

Using the bricks, element of building in architecture, aims to relate the artificial space with the space of nature.

The project that would like to carry out in different places and the continuous movement, will highlight his nomadic character. In fact it would consist of a temporary structure using simple building bricks resting on the ground without foundations.

The interaction with local associations and people is fundamental in my projects, equally fundamental is having the material on loan or at most rented, in order to my ecological sensitivity, in fact everything that is built is then disassembled and the materials return to the sender, leaving instead in those who assist and or participate in the work, the lived experience.

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